Hello Everyone,

My name is Preston Bradley Pinsukanjana. I know, I know. Quite a long last name. It's pronounced Pin-sue-kahn-ja-na. And I'm glad mom squashed dad's idea of calling me "Bubba Shanequa".

These are the chronicles of my skating adventures with the Pegasus Flyers skate group. Mom and Dad joined this skate club years ago. I became an official member myself when Dad joined up as a family membership earlier this year. Still need my membership card though.

Adolphus Christmas Parade

My first documented appearance is when I was only a twinkle in Dad's eye and a butterfly flutter in Mom's tummy. I managed to sneak into the Adolphus Christmas parade. Well, I had to. Children under 14 were not allowed to be in the parade. Nobody even knew I came! Not even Mom or Dad! Boy, was it cold and dark, skating around inside that big green box!

But Mom was bundled up and Dad had his lipstick on, so it wasn't that bad. We ate at On the Border afterwards, mmmmmmmmmm! Aren't they cute?


The Great EsSkate in Miami, in February, was a lot of fun. Can you pick me out? I'm the tummy on the right! I had to stow away on the flight since Dad only bought two tickets. I was very quiet going and coming back. Dad upgraded us to first class along with Marie. Uncle Fuzz had to ride in the back and boy was he ticked.

I especially loved speeding down the streets of Miami and up and down the causeways with Mom doing all the work. She didn't know she was skating for two yet.

And as anyone can tell you, these skater trips are all about the food!!

Gimme that 3 feet of pizza any day.

"Where'd all the pizza go??" Mom has a hollow leg.

Road Rash Marathon

I also came to Roundrock, Texas for the Road Rash marathon. But me and Mom were much smarter than that. Skate around five loops for 26 miles?? No, thank you. We'll just stay on the sidelines and take lots of pictures.

Saturday Trail Skates

On some of the Saturdays, we'd get up early and join the Saturday trail skates. Like my t-shirt?


On Monday, August 6th, I was on the Katy Trail getting certified for the National Skate Patrol. Mom was getting certified and she brought me along.

The question came up on what my uniform should be.

One suggestion: a BLACK diaper with reflective piping.

Another: wear a top as a bottom...or a bottom as a top. So would that be the black diaper with reflective piping pulled up to the neck....or the red shirt with white cross pulled down to cover the bottom?

Sunday Morning Strolls

I also have made several appearances at the Sunday Morning Stroll. Mostly being chauffeured on the bike by Mom. At this point in time, a bike was safer for me, but Mom wanted everyone to know I am a skater too! Thus the T-shirt.

But the favorite place to eat after was at Big Shucks. I REALLY wanted the fried shrimp, but mom's a vegetarian. And she needs a bib as much as I do.

As you all know, I don't skate with you guys any more, but I do know that I am in your hearts and your minds as you skate. On wings of angels, you take me with you always.