Not so long ago,
in a city far far away.....

Friday June.28.2002
I'm sorry to say I have no pictures of Shelley being search by the Airport Security [see Miami] since she wasn't. Must be the new specs make her look less terroristy. :) Although a dangerous looking grandmother was searched. Got in at 3:oo and after getting lost for a bit in Philly, went to the hotel to register. Dave-A was there handing out clips and other goodies.
Me, Shelley and Danielle went to grab a bite. I had an over priced pizza @ Rustic Pizza while they brought over their sandwiches from Wa-Wa...which the waiter didn't seem to like. :)
In the meantime, Ray was stoned, and Gordon was making friends.
At about 7:00 we met up in front of the hotel to suit up. There was Dave-G , Danielle , Shelley , Duane , and a few others.
The actual group-up was in the back of the hotel.
The first pitstop was in a park with some statues . That's a hawk on the horse's head.
I flopped down at the nearest group. Apparently this is the "Wuss" group that's gonna skip the BIG hill. The other group had already gone on...drat!!! ;) So I had to join the wuss group...which explains the license plate on my rental car..."4 wus". But we did choose the 6 mile route, instead of the 4 miles, through the park along the river.
We arrived at the Art Museum (where Rocky did his 'steps' thing) about sundown.
Not too much longer after that,
the Non-Wuss crowed start coming, some up the steps . You could just hear the Rocky Theme playing!! :) We sat , milled about , and took pictures of people go down the steps...backwards :) ...which unfortunately my camera from France, the "Crape`", couldn't get. :(
Then a group started going around the center of the pavilion chanting "join the loop...join the loop..." . Got kinda dizzy ;)
After that some went to the hotel and some continued on for 8 more miles.....seeing how I don't have any more pictures for friday night, you can guess what I did. [refer to license plate] Got back to the hotel, showered and went to a block party. Good music. Good beer. An hour later the Non-Wusses skated up.
Saturday Morning June.29.2002
The Mural Skate
Once again our happy little bunch geared up . BUT this time some of the Pegasi were sporting red shirts !! Yup!! Pegasi were NSPing in Philly! :) They Rocked! Shelley and Danielle even stopped a bus with their bare hands!! ;)
We grouped in the back again. This was gonna be a big one, so there were a ton of Red Shirts to help.
After they headed down the hill , we rolled .
Here we are at the first pit stop.
The next pitstop made several of the Pegasi feel right at old prison .
And then....the murals !! We skated down the streets and out of no where you hit a mural ! Some big and REALLY BIG ones . Some were small . With our Pegasi showing the way . :)
There were some cool buildings and churches too . Dave-G even had a building named after him! ;) [Again, the Crape` camera had trouble w/ the detail]
Tiff was her ever self restrained and stoic self at a pit stop. Although Kelly was just overflowing with emotion and entertaining the crowds ! :)
Another BIG and small mural.
It was convenient to have a pitstop right across from the Foot and Ankle Institute .
And when you're REALLY hungry, nothing beats a good Foodery !
A lady walking 6 Bichons ...4 were peeing on the tree. :)

Then it was back to the hotel for some recouping. That afternoon they took the train out to somewhere and skated back. Shelley should have some pix for that. I went on a personal pilgrimage to my old homestead 30 miles west of Philly. I hadn't been out there for 20+ years, so it was interesting going back.

Other Murals:

Other Buildings:

Saturday Evening June.29.2002
The Train Skate
I got back from Exton not too long before everyone started returning from the Train skate. Looked like a bunch of ants. ;)

There was also an issue of some one mooning the skaters at they went by...but I can't remember the long as the hush money keeps coming!! ;)

After a shower and nap, everyone EVENTUALLY headed out to Katmandu, a club on the water front. It was a nice enough place. But nothing seems to scatter skaters faster than a REALLY bad celtic band who had 1 hit 10 years ago. :) Tiff gets the "Energizer Bunny Dancing" award. She kept going and going and going... but I'm still not sure the "Celtic Limbo" dance is gonna catch on. After some dancing (when some good music came on), trying on wigs and some watered down/over priced drinks, we ventured back. Where at some point in the wee hours of the morning (4:30am), a frustrated Fuz was heard yelling..."WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE...??!!??" Or was it just a dream Dave-G? :)
Sunday Morning June.30.2002
Bagel & Skate
First the carbo-load... off the do ...
then skate ! and pass by the occasional mural . A pit stop under a bridge . And hope your friend makes it over you! I THINK I CAN ... NOPE !! But I can !!!
You think THAT'S scary
!!!! :)
Another pitstop w/ stairs.
The biker cops get into it! :)
Tiff chillin on the steps.
From there we headed to the Fountain. The goddesses with me in the background. Pegasi playin in the water...with clueless guy in blue walking by. Lots of people in the fountain . Other fountain pix...

Shelley stopping a bus ! Oh the power!
Skating with Kelley on the last stretch of the Freedom Skate.
The post skate coold down with new freends at a great place "Cosi". Danielle was going so fast down some of those hills, it affected her face . Ray mugs for the camera while Shelley meditates.

Back at the airport we find a Fossil store, with a display (the picture of the purse) that Shelley made. [She works for Fossil.] :)

Ok...sure it's a metal suitcase, and it may be full of skate junk ...but it's not THAT heavy ! ;)