Pegasi @ the Great EsSkate
February 2005

Well I did not take my camera this year....well actually I forgot it. But it isn't that bad. We had quite a contigent of Pegasi Paparazzi !! Lots of pictures taken so I'm sure soon there will be loads of pix posted soon.

But being the gadget geek that I am, here's all the GPS info I got from the weekend.

Friday was actually kinda nippy. 65 degrees or so. As you can see from the profile, it was a relatively flat 13.8 miles. Mostly nice roads w/ REALLY NICE houses to be seen. After that a pretty good pasta dinner, where we carbo and raffle ticket loaded.

Later that night was the "Fast & Furious" skate...I chose to pass on that one. But I heard it lived up to its name.

Saturday started out coldish, but warmed up pretty fast. After a less than mediocre continental "breakfast"...if it's "free" but it says "gratuity not included" and it's self-serve..... WHO do you tip and what's 15% of $0.00 anyways???

But I digress... LOOOOOONG skate. 25+ miles. Some chip & seal, but otherwise smooooooooth with a capital "smoo"!! A few nice causeways to struggle getting up and fly down the other side. I bit it on one, blow out a knee pad.
But I received an official "I FELL AT THE GREAT ESSKATE 2005" band aid.

Had a cookout beach party thing at the end of the skate. I made another Pegasus Flyers "travel bug" and put it in a GeoCache that was only a 10th of a mile from the party. If ya don't know what that means, don't worry about it. I won't bore you w/ the details. Just click here ;)

Then back to the hotel for a much needed shower and nap.
Later off to sushi and beer!!! I heard we had a sushi virgin that night...dunno who it was tho. Anyone know??

Sunday morning was nice and warm like you expect Miami to be. More nice skating w/ the occasion chip & seal crap. We had a few "out and back" yes...I'll admit it, I cut across the median once....maybe twice. That's how Christine lapped me...twice. ;)

Then LOTS of good pizza at Pizza Rusitca.

That rocked!!

Now Sunday afternoon was THE adventure skate. Apparently overloaded people-movers will just stop going up a hill. ;) Not exactly sure on the details, be those of us in the 2nd people-mover stood around for a while as they fixed the first one. Once we got moving, saw some really nice stuff in Coconut Grove.

At the end had an overpriced shake and school-bussed back to the hotel. Boy did we stink. ;)

Then the Super Bowl party in DonnaB-Timo-Z's room. GO EAGLES!!!
Lots of chips, rum & cokes , and various victory dances .
Monday, slept in and hit the tourist trap shops and such. Nice way to unwind from a freakin groovie weekend.