The Great EsSkate 2003
It was a lot of fun. Better than last year, in my humble opinion. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna go when I went home early with a fever wednesday. After muttering SEVERAL 4-lettered words about missing Miami, I chugged a gallon of OJ and crashed. The next day I felt like crap, but decided, “what the hell!! If I’m gonna be sick, might as well be sick on the beach!!
So on a Sudafed high, I did laundry, and tried to get all my crap together.
After packing a large suitcase with…

I started to wonder, when x-rayed would all this look like the making of a bomb?


Yellow trail marks our route

So Friday got up “early” (hey! 7AM is early for me!) and carpooled with Shelley to the airport. Checked in the bags. It seems to code for Miami is MIA, and I didn’t fell reassured my luggage was gonna show up, with MIA stickers all over it!! More and more PF’ers started showing up at the gate. First spotted was Greg, he’s hard to miss around a bunch of short people. Then came Mike, and later, dubbed Mike’s harem, Anne, Susan and Cheryl, as you didn’t see Mike with out all his women with him. You da MAN!! Then finally John L and Johnny.

We got on the plane only to sit on the tarmac for an hour and a half for “technical difficulties”. So Johnny showed us his Tai Chi technique in the aisle. And Mike’s harem killed time by being loud and tormenting strangers.

Finally got in to Miami and it was 86 and sunny!! Sure glad I wore my coat from Dallas. We got there in time for the group up for the night skate. I handed out my glow sticks and we skated…0.5 a mile to the REAL group up. And waited a long time for all the ceremonies and stuff. Johnny thought the mayor was there, but he’s not sure as he was napping. When we finally did take off, we did about 13.5 miles around the island we were on. TALK ABOUT BLACK ICE!!! Those streets were smooooooooth with a capital “Smoo”. We got back for a fair finger food dinner @ the hotel, where some hotel nazi accosted some of the Lady Pegasi “you can’t skate on the patio!!!” blah blah blah… although others were. Like me.

Later that night was an advanced skate where our own Shelley & Gordon NSP’ed. As I have a tendency to always pass the rabbit on the faster skates, and didn’t want to get in trouble the first night, I opted out.


Yellow trail marks our route

Some Pf’ers carbo-loaded at Burger King, and others (read ‘me’) slept in. We then grouped up for the BIG skate. Not that I need every detail, but to hear “oh it’s between 16 and 22 miles”, I’d like a little more accuracy. So we started out. Up and over little bridges, through down town and even over a highway. We had a prolonged rest stop there, as a girl severely hurt her self T-stopping.

Then came…..THE BRIDGE!!!

The spot marked “START” on the map is the base of the bridge, elevation 3ft, the spot marked “TOP” is, obviously, the top of the bridge, elevation 81ft (+- 20ft, as accurate as my GPS gets, probably closer to 100ft). All this over 0.4 miles.

Can you say S T E E P ?

And lots of burning brake smell on the way down the other side about ½ a mile. Loads of fun!! Only 15.8miles.

After that, lots of beach time. That night had sushi!!! Shelley and Greg had their first sushi! Not sure if either of them are sold on it yet. ;) then off to the night club Level. My ears were STILL ringing from that place the next morning. Now THAT’S a sound system!! Then a munchy run about 1am. Which is easy to do, since Miami never sleeps.


Yellow trail marks our route

There was a Sunday morning skate, but most chose beach time instead. Then finally the last skate of the Great EsSkate Sunday night. Gordon, Shelley and John L were NSPing while me and Biff represented the Pfers. That was a good skate. 12 miles. We went by the hospital where the guy who started the Great EsSkate was having a heart valve worked on. Boy it was HOT!! Gets you in the mood for Dallas in June, then you realize it’s only February


More beach time in the morning, then back to Dallas. The group was a little more quiet this time. Must be beach poisoning!! Uneventful flight. Pretty quiet with out Cheryl there. hee hee


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