Since everyone these days is skating w/ GPS's, I though I'd post the tracks I have of trails and skates.
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Nobb Hill Greenbelt, Carrollton TX


This is a brand new trail in Carrollton. Nice wide 8 foot trail. But being new, there's plenty of rocks and stuff to trip you up, so watch out.

It's 3 miles end to end, and mostly flat.

Hotter 'N Hell 100, Wichita Falls TX


For the past 5 years now, the Pegasus Flyers have braved the heat and joined thousands of bikers in the Hotter N Hell 100 bike rally. This is held in Wichita Falls at the end of August, and yes it really is hotter 'n hell. One year it was 95 at 6am, and 107 by noon. Although, the last two years it hasn't been that hot. But it usually is in the upper 90s by the time we finish.

The route starts near the MPEC building and goes clockwise on the map. As far as the route goes, the first 5 miles SUCK!! It's really rough chip and seal. But after that, it's smooth sailing. The first rest stop is when you turn north. By then there's a nice south wind. The other rough part is the service road of hiway 44. Plus there's usually a strong south wind by that time. There's another rest stop after you cross over hiway 44, inside the Shepards air force base. After than a long down hill back to downtown.

The bikers are alwasy impressed when skaters show up. And you'll ALWAYS be asked...

Adolphus Christmas Parade, Dallas TX


For the past 6 years now, the Pegasus Flyers have been part of the Neiman Marcus / Adolphus Christmas parade , which benefits the Children's Medical Center. In 2001 and 2002 we were clowns. This year, 2007, we were train engineers. The route is only 1.5 miles, but it's always packed with lots of kids.

Blue Bonnet Trail, Plano TX


The Blue Bonnet trail starts at the soccer complex on Alma between Spring Creek and Legacy in Plano. From there it heads west, crossing Custer, Independence and Coit. It then turns south, crossing Spring Creek, Parker and Park. It is 7 miles end to end. It follows the power lines the whole way. It also criss-corsses with the Chisholm trail at the Plano dog park. But unlike the Chisolm trail, this really isn't the best skating trail. You have to cross several streets, some residential, and some REALLY busy. Biking is ok, but I wouldn't recommend skating it.

Saint Paul Marathon, Saint Paul Minnesota


The Saint Paul Inline Marathon is every mid-August. The marathon begins on the Mississippi river front in Saint Paul. You head out southwest for about 2 miles on really flat smooth pavement. You then hit your first hill and you think "man, should have done more hill work!!". But it all pays off as you get to fly down the other side. At about mile 5.5, you make a u-turn and get to go up & down that hill again. You then have about 5 miles of nice and smooth. You go past to the start and do another u-turn (turn #2). Then repeat to turn #3. But this time, instead of going past the start line again, you turn left and head into downtown for the finish line. Notice the very last blip between 25.5 and 26.4 on the profile? That is no GPS anomaly. That's a BUST YOUR BUTT up hill to the finish line, which is really mean in my opinion. And everyone's cheering you on, so at the point you can't stop and walk it. So ya hunker down and think "MAN, SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE HILL WORK!!"
All in all, a really great course.

Napa Valley Marathon, Napa California


The Napa Valley marathon begins at the Silver Rose Winery on the Silverado Trail in Calistoga. It starts on the Silverado Trail at Hwy. 29 skating southbound 6.55 miles to a 180 degree turn around near the intersection of Silverado Trail and Bale Lane. Then skate back northbound on the Silverado Trail to another 180 degree turn located at the Silver Rose Winery in Calistoga. Half Marathon skaters do one lap, the full Marathon skaters will skate two laps. The first 1/2 (3+ miles) is really smooth. The second 1/2 (3+ miles) is rough in spots but not terrible. The part that makes it terrible (or fun, depending on your point of view) are the hills. You will get a SERIOUS workout going up those hills... along with some serious speed on the down hills.

Allen Station Park, Allen TX


The Allen Station Park trail system winds around a baseball complex. It's off of Exchange Parkway, just east of I-75. Out and back, the trail is only 3.4 miles. It's very new, so it's smooth and wide. The only part to watch out for, the far north section ends abruptly around a curve without any warning.

SAG, Dallas TX


SAG is a regularly scheduled weekly event put on by the Pegasus Flyers Skate Club. Every Wednesday night at 8pm at Fair Park in Dallas, is the beginning level skate. It's a smooth, mostly flat 2.1 mile loop thru the park. There is a nice hill on the backside in the Smirnoff parking lot. We park by the Hall of State and the Old Mill Inn. Parking is free.

Actually this is for all levels, but this is where the beginners can come to learn how to skate.

Long Beach Marathon, California

The Long Beach Inline Marathon in Long Beach, California. This is the most convoluted 26.3 miles I've ever skated in my entire life! Some areas are marked really well, some areas, I was wondering if I was still on the route. There were twists and turns, and cut back, and hair-pin curves to double back. They start the walkers BEFORE everyone else, so you have to watch out for those. And it follows a paved trail on the beach, so you have to watch for pedestrians. I'd say 2/3 was really nice, the rest was rough, or you had to watch for pot holes or sand or gravel.

I can't recommend this skate.

Grapevine Trail, Grapevine TX


This is a nice smooth trail starting in downtown Grapevine. It's a 14.1 mile round trip. The trail head is on Wood Street and William D Tate, across the street from the 'Bread Haus' scones in town!! The first stretch follows Hiway 26 down to a Krispy Kreme, woo hoo!! From the start to the K.K, it's a gradual down hill, that you'll notice going back up. Crossing the street and following a wide sidewalk, hooks up with the trail that goes thru a park, all the way to 360 and a bit beyond. Through this area are some wooden bridges that require a little maneuvering. But it all is pretty well kept up.

Breckenridge Park Trail, Richardson TX


This is a pretty old trail system that been around at least 10 years. It's between Campbell and Renner along Brand Road. There are 3 parking lots. One that is most north is a gravel lot that runs the all the way around the soccer fields. The middle lot, is a little better, but with a steep decline down to the trails. The third, "Lot C", is the best for parking. The trail is as wide as the new part of White Rock Lake or the Renner Trail. But the trails are old, so there's some spots where the concrete has eroded and exposed the aggregate in the mix. Mostly it's not rough, but very bumpy. The tree covered areas are a bit twiggy. If you follow all the trails, you'll get 6 miles out of it.

Trinity Trail, Fort Worth TX


This is a nice smooth trail in downtown Fort worth. It is about 7.8 miles from end to end. The best place to park is at the Trinity Park, off University Drive, just north of I30. The trail runs thru the park. From there the trail goes south about 5 1/4 miles. North, takes you to City Hall, about 2 and 1/2 miles. From there, you can take the branch to the left and end up at the Fort Worth stockyards. But I'm not sure how far that is...probably about 4 to 5 miles.

The trail is in good condition, varying from 8 feet to 5 feet width sections. Similar to the White Rock Creek trail.

Russell Creek Trail, Frisco TX


This is a nice smooth trail around a soccer field and baseball complex in Friso. The trail is on McDermott between Coit and Independence Parkway. It is a 2.5 mile loop and is in really good shape, EXCEPT for one spot. The area marked "BAD SPOT" is a 20 feet stretch of old sidewalk next to the street. It's rough and there's two spots where the wood between the concrete slabs is protruding up enough to catch a skate if you're not paying attention.

Only other problem is the trail cuts across a big parking lot, so watch for soccer moms in the SUVs. Other than that, it's a really nice trail.

Katy Trail, Dallas TX


This is a nice urban 'trail'. Was formerly a rail line which is now paved, so the view is mostly buildings and condos/apts. The 'KATY-BEG' (Katy Beginning) marker is at the gravel lot behind Weir's Furniture at Knox/Henderson & Travis. The 'KATY-END' is down to the American Airlines center. It's a very gradual 100ft drop over 2.66 miles. Very skateable; however on nice days it is VERY popular, so you have to dodge kids/bikers/baby joggers/etc. Can be twiggy at times too.

Once they complete the trail crossing at Knox/Henderson, Ill remap it.


The "Tour Dallas" bike rally goes thru, obviously, downtown Dallas. This is the map of the 20 mile route we skated. Other than Swiss Ave, it was VERY skateable.



This is a nice park. Trails are about the level of White Rock Creek trail. If you do all the spurs off the trail, you can get about 9 miles.



Renner Trail is a nice trail in north Richardson. Starting at Campbell & Coit, it goes west along Campbell. It then turns left (north) on Floyd Rd going by U.T.D. It then works itself to Renner heading west again. It goes all the way down to Central Expressway. On the east side of Central, it goes thru Lookout Park. Lookout Park maybe confusing at first with all the forks in the trail. But these forks just make loops. So which ever one you take, you merge back onto the trail pretty quickly. I usually use the "always take the right fork" method, which gets you thru the park, and flollows along the Dart Rail line. From there it heads south to about a 1/4 mile on the other side of Campbell. You can add another mile if you follow the trail to a park on the east side of Plano road. Total round trip is 17 miles.

Here's a more detailed map of the Lookout Park.



UPDATED 9/1/2011
Campion is a nice trail over in Irving/Las Colinas, not to far from the Mustangs at William Square on O'Connor. They have extended the trail even futher now. It's about 12.5 miles round trip from the parking lot. Lots of curves and some hills. Lots of tree over hang, so sometimes it can be twiggy. If you plan it right you can catch some polo or extreme frisbee on the polo fields.


Chisholm Trail is a nice trail in south Plano. The best place to park is at 16th between Alma and 75. There's a Senior Citizen center and a big parking lot (N33 01.442, W96 42.718). Its a little over 5 miles from end to end. This trail crosses the Bluebonnet Trail at the Dog Park. Medium traffic area. There's usually some mud/gravel and twigs after a storm.

JOE POOL DAM, Grand Prairie TX


Joe Pool is home for the famous 'Full Moon Ramble'. The dam is really a road that's gated at both ends. Only cars you'll ever see are the occasional maintenance trucks. It's 4 miles from gate to gate. And very FLAT. Some nights you can get a lot of bug protein when it's gnat season. Best place to park is at the Marina (N32 37.896 W97 02.474).



River Legacy park is in Arlington. The entrance to the park is about 4 miles west of 360 on Green Oaks. It's about 11.5 miles round trip from the parking lot we use. And very FLAT. Like the other trails, can be twiggy after a rain storm.


SMS is a regularly scheduled weekly event put on by the Pegasus Flyers Skate Club. The SMS is the next step up from the Wednesday SAG group. It's about 6.5 miles through the University Park area. The start is by the park at Lovers and Dickens (N32 51.075 W96 47.481). Mostly flat. But the route tends to change at times depending on the mood of the skaters. :)


The Preston Ridge trail is in Richardson. It is an uneventful trail that follows the power lines along Meandering Way. It is about 8.5 miles round trip.


Tuesday Skate is a regularly scheduled weekly event put on by the Pegasus Flyers Skate Club. The Tuesday Skate is the next step up from the SMS. There's been some discussion as to the actual length of this skate, I came up with 11.2 miles. It starts downtown in the parking lot in Deep Ellum (N32 46.962 W96 47.242) catty corner from what used to be the Copper Tank (guess that's only helpful if you're a local). There used to be a "smoker's short cut" that trimmed about 3 miles and skipped the BIG HILL, but due to circumstances beyond my control, it was removed.



The full White Rock trail route is around 22+ miles. There are various places you can park and get on the trail: the trail head (N32 55.348 W96 46.809) is between Hillcrest and Coit, south of LBJ; Greenville & Royal; Abrams and Fair Oaks; Lawther & NW Highway. From the trail head to Lawther & NW Highway, it is very skateable, although there tends to be alot of trail traffic. However, actually going around the lake is another story. They've repaved the trail on the Arboretum side and it's very nice, but the rest is pretty harsh.


The "Texas Road Rash" is an inline marathon in Roundrock Texas, 10 miles north of Austin. It is 5 laps around Old Settlers park. Each lap is about 5.28 miles. They also offered and 16k or "half marathon" which was only 2 laps. 1 or 2 steep short hills, the rest very gradual.


While in Austin for the Road Rash marathon, I found the Jester road which has the imfamous King Of Jester race. This is a nasty bit of road. The race is "only" a 1/2's a climb up 300 feet. As you can see from the profile, start is at elevaton 598, at the top of the hill 910 ft. And yes, the race is UP the hill. :)

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